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    To empower entrepreneurs with special needs to realize their dream of business ownership and provide highly effective training and resources that help them make their vision a reality. DEAF puts the dream of business success within the reach of those with special circumstances eliminating barriers unifying our communities.

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    D.E.A.F provides customized business development programs to small businesses so they can effectively sell and market their services helping them to achieve their peak revenue potential. D.E.A.F programs address the critical needs of all business owners, specifically those of time, sales, marketing, and management.


    A business development company that specializes in providing entrepreneurs with special needs the trainings and information they need to create a successful small business

  • Empowered Entrepreneur Training

    Empowered Entrepreneur Training

    It is an 8 week course that provides step by step instructions on how to start and or grow successful small businesses. This course will teach you:

  • Training & Marketing

    Training & Marketing

    By including Deaf Friendly Marketing™ ads to your current advertising mix, you'll have a presence where your competition isn't, and gain loyal customers.

  • Are you a Business Professional?

    Are you a Business Professional?

    Looking for Business professionals to become facilitators for our highly successful self-employment trainings for entrepreneurs that are hearing and deaf.

Empowered Entrepreneur Training - REGISTER NOW!!!


  • Are you a Deaf/Hard of Hearing (HH) entrepreneur or an inspiring Deaf/HH Entrepreneur?
  • Are you unemployed, low income, or dispatched from your job and want to start a small business that can provide self-employment for yourself?
  • Are you ready to impact your local community?

If yes to any of these questions you are ready to become an "EMPOWERED ENTREPRENEUR". Click Here to Register Today.

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